Maddie Steiner, Fashion Designer - Paperback w/ bookmark


Purchase your copy of a personally dedicated and autographed new release from our very own Lori Siesto ! Her first book published which is a 32 page full color children's book inspires the growth and development in kids and adults alike. This is the first in a series of books designed to promote positive self image and self-esteem, demonstrate goal-setting in action, and acknowledge the weird and wonderful within us all. Support Lori in her awesome accomplishment and let us know who she should dedicate the book to!

"When this persevering girl sets her mind to something, she won't stop until she has achieved it. Maddie Steiner is the pre-teen hero we all needed as elementary readers. She's awkward, boyish, clumsy, and determined to design the perfect outfit to wear to her friend's party. With only one week until the big day, she begins to design and create, turning her fashion dreams to reality. Maddie shows us that if we set a goal, stay focused, and do the work, we can have something almost, sort of, nearly perfect. Her motto is, "Sometimes my projects don't turn out as thought, but just from the process, I still learn a lot." "Maddie Steiner, Fashion Designer" contains 32 pages of full-color illustrations and a tightly rendered rhyme scheme, detailing Maddie's journey from her daydream to the big day. Visual and aural details will have you and your child wanting to read (or chant!) this tale again and again." Lori Siesto, founder of Kid Lit